New racist delirium: hate tour in Thrace

They called the Muslims of Thrace “mongols” and “bastards”, they intimidated journalists to impose censorship of the photos they had captured and declared that they would not provide any medical treatment to immigrant children even if they were in the need for help.


The rhetoric of hatred coming from MPs and members of the Golden Dawn continue across Greece…

During a provocative … tour in Thrace, Members of the Golden Dawn yesterday inaugurated their offices in Xanthi, Komotini and Alexandroupolis. In their speeches under the slogan “Turks out of Thrace” that was shouted by the gathered crowd, they called the muslims of Thrace “bastards” and “mongols”. They also vituperated a local newspaper reporter of Komotini not allowing her to leave without showing them the pictures she had taken.

In his speech in Komotini MP Ilias Panagiotaros invited “those who feel Greeks to stay, the rest to flee eastward” and noted that “we always look towards Agia Sofia and Constantinople”, while MP Giannis Lagos said that “Golden Dawn cannot be stopped. Tomorrow we will become something even worse for them, their nightmare, and they will find us before them”.

Olga Tsioulfa, journalist of ‘Chronos’ newspaper lived moments of terror when she was approached and threatened by Golden Dawn MP Artemis Matthaiopoulos who would not let her go unless she showed him the pictures taken. The journalist told us: “I got very scared when I found myself surrounded by a group of 10 young, stocky masked who moved threateningly against me”.

Ilias Kasidiaris was asked the day before, hosted by the public television, whether a sick immigrant child could receive treatment in Golden Dawn’s health centre. He responded that it is a political decision of the party not to help it and that they would not help a child of immigrant parents.

Assuming responsibility

In the meantime, the responsibility for the attack against the Golden Dawn office in Aspropirgos was assumed by the ‘Antifascist Front – Informal Anarchist Federation’ (FAI) through a proclamation sent to an anarchist website.

The commissioner’s visit

Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights arrived to Greece yesterday for a formal visit. The commissioner is expected to stay in our country till Thursday the 13th of December being worried about the increased cases of racist violence. As part of his duties, he is expected to visit prisons, juvenile reformatories, and detention centers for immigrants and asylum seekers, and to have meetings with anti-racist organizations.

[Source: Ethnos newspaper, 10/12/2012, found online at:]


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