GOLDEN DAWN LEAFLETS FOUND IN THE POSSESSION OF ONE OF THE PERPETRATORS (Update about the recent murder of the Pakistani immigrant in Athens)


The two men arrested for the murder of the young immigrant from Pakistan at the dawn of Thursday in Petralona were taken to the interrogator today.


The culprits that were arrested and charged are a 29 year-old fireman and an unemployed 24 year-old. They confessed to the police that they stabbed the victim in the chest because—as they claimed—his bike was blocking their way.

The crime took place on ‘Treis Ierarches’ street, a bit after 3:00, while the victim was going to a bakery in the area, where he was working.

They slaughtered him for an overtaking

The two young men fatally wounded with a knife a 27-year old Pakistani who at the time was going to work by bike. A taxi driver who saw the incident informed the police and gave the license plate of the motorbike they were riding.

The incident occurred at 3.20 am on Thursday at 65 ‘Treis Ierarches’ street in Petralona. As has been known, the 27 year old Pakistani who lived in Peristeri, worked at farmers markets. At the time of the incident he was riding his bike going to work.

While passing from Petralona, two Greeks aged 25 and 29 years aboard a scooter approached him from behind. As reportedly admitted to police, the two had an argument with the immigrant in relation to priority. This was the reason they stabbed him and left him blooded on the asphalt. There he passed away as a result of the wound on his chest.

Then, the two riders continued their journey till Syntagma where they are arrested by policemen of the “Z” group. Residents of the area said to “Ethnos” that even when the Pakistan had fallen after the stabs he received, they remained at that spot. Some even noted that they saw the 29 year-old fireman swearing at the 27-year old immigrant, even as the latter was lying on the ground. However, this testimony is not officially confirmed.

Twin past

The culprits are friends, neighbours in Nea Smyrni, where 6 years ago they had been accused of stealing from a clothing store. A year later, the oldest of them, born in 1984, was recruited by the fire department. Till yesterday he was serving in Markopoulo. As his seniors told “Ethnos”, he had never expressed racist views in the past, neither in public nor in private discussions. From the first moment of his arrest, the young man was suspended by the fire department and an administrative inquiry was ordered.

The 25 year old is unemployed and a branded thief. The investigation that took place in his house found 50 elections leaflets of the Golden Dawn. In the houses of both the investigations discovered—amongst other things—three daggers, an airgun, brass knuckles, metal bullets, wooden clubs and two military rifle bullets.


The strong reaction of the antiracist organisations and the immigrant communities was expressed through the statements they issued condemning the murderous attack on the 27 year-old Pakistani.

A rally took place yesterday at the point where the unfortunate immigrant passed away. More than 1,000 people gathered at Petralona to protest against racism and xenophobia.

“There are racist motives behind the murder, which are independent of what these specific persons vote for” one of the protesdters said to “Ethnos”, highlighting that “their action shows their hatred against immigrants. We are expecting the condemnation of the brutal murder by the political leadership as well as the punishment of the culprits”.


New clash between the government and SYRIZA

The new murderous attack against immigrant triggered a “war” of announcements between the government and SYRIZA. SYRIZA talked about “raw racist violence” and “fascist criminal gangs that patrol the streets of Athens undisturbed while murdering defenceless people” in a notice issued about the murder of the 27 year-old Pakistani. Also, they warned the minister N. Dendias that they will not tolerate any cover up of the crime.

“SYRIZA’s attempt to exploit the case for its benefit goes beyond all limits. It becomes mongering of the loss of a human life. They pretend that they ignore that it was the Greek Police that arrested the culprits of this heinous crime, after a large operation. For the Ministry of Public Order and the Protection of the Citizen there is only one constitutional obligation: legality everywhere. It is sad that SYRIZA does not realise the potential consequences that its petty party manoeuvres can have for the country and society” was the response of the press office of the Ministry of Public Order.


The head of Amnesty International’s program for Europe and Central Asia also issued statements about the issue. “This attack is not an isolated incident. During the last year we have noticed an escalation of racially motivated attacks”, Marek Marczynski highlighted. “Greek authorities must investigate the racist motives and bring those responsible to Justice”.

[Source: Ethnos newspaper, 18/01/2013, found online at:]