Racist delirium by Golden Dawn in the Parliament

They demand that children of immigrants are thrown out of schools immediately

A new racist delirium by the Golden Dawn took place in the Parliament. Golden Dawn MP Mr Artemis Matthaiopoulos speaking at the Educational Affairs Committee, which discussed the bill for the evaluation of teachers, attacked immigrant children attending Greek schools.


“What are the children of immigrants doing in Greek schools? One enters the classrooms and sees only foreign children. This is unacceptable”, said the Golden Dawn MP and asked for “different classes for Greek and foreign students”, causing the disapproval of other attending members.

The racist show of GD provoked the intervention of Deputy Minister of Education Mr T. Papatheodorou who did not hesitate to comment that “the distinction attempted is fascist”, while Democratic Left MP Ms Maria Repousi commented: “Instead of putting on this show of flag-waving, you should be spending some time reading the bills”, noting that “there are rules in a Democracy”. “It is in the jungle that there are no rules. You should therefore go to the jungle if you wish to carry on such activities”, she added addressing Golden Dawn MPs Matthaiopoulos, P. Iliopoulos and N. Kouzilos who ostentatiously walked out of the room.

[Translated article from ‘To Vima’ newspaper, 14/03/2013, found online at:]


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