Gay People Living in Fear in Greece (Huffington Post UK)

[Useful article – to be read as background information to the previous news about the homophobic attack against T. Stafylidis]

LGBTQ - greece

What was supposed to be a fun evening for Stamatis Peramatzis, turned out to be a nightmare. As the 39-year-old was walking out of a parking lot together with his partner in an Athens mall, a man out of nowhere appeared and screamed: “Faggots, we will kick you out of Greece and you will never come back”.

“I tried to ignore him, hoping he would just go away,” Peramatzis recalls. “But he didn’t. He came back together with another guy, dressed in black, yelling they were going to teach us a lesson.” But the two men were lucky. A security guard came to their rescue and the worst did not happen. […]

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