Golden Dawner bus driver kicks immigrants out of the bus

“Well, yeah! I’m a Golden Dawner! I’m a Golden Dawner! Is there a problem?” That was the reaction, as it is claimed in a complaint document sent to the administration of ΟΑΣΘ [OASTH: Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki], of a bus driver when passengers reacted to his racist behaviour toward two passengers from Africa.

According to a woman who witnessed the incident, he is also said to have exhibited a necklace figuring the symbol of Golden Dawn. She added that “he had a similar tattoo on his arm!”.


The driver claimed that the immigrants did not have tickets without even asking them first

According to the complaint, also sent to the Greek Ombudsman, the incident happened two days ago, noon time, in the 26 bus line while it was stationed at the Rigas Ferraios bus stop. Two individuals, probably of African descent, got on the bus from the rear door together with some of the passengers.

When the doors were closed the bus was brought to a halt and the driver headed towards the rear of the bus saying to the two africans: “The two of you, off the bus!”. “Why?”, asked one of them in Greek to receive the driver’s rather aggressive response: “I am the driver and I have the right to conduct ticket control and to get you off the bus because you don’t have any”.

“But, we didn’t have the chance to buy tickets yet”, they responded, but faced with the driver’s aggression they finally got off the bus.

As the witness claims, the driver could not have known whether they intended to issue tickets. “Myself, I didn’t issue ticket because I have a bus pass, but the driver didn’t check me (neither me nor any of the other passengers) upon getting on the bus”, she reports.

The driver, hearing the comments of the passengers, stopped the bus and challenged anyone having a problem to confront him, continuing with the Golden Dawn comments mentioned above.

[Translated article from ‘Ethnos’ newspaper, 12/04/2013, found online  at]


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