Update: All 3 foremen involved in the Manolada shooting arrested

The three fugitive foremen aged 21, 39 and 27 years old that the police have been looking for the gory attack against immigrants in Manolada got arrested. The 21 year old was spotted at the street, during a search in Amaliada, while the rest were arrested with the presence of the District Atorney in a lawyer’s office in town.


A 38 year old was arrested on Friday, accused of harbouring criminals, since there are suspicions that he was providing shelter to the fugitives.

Another 38 year old had been arrested on Thursday. A brief was filed against him, accusing him of harbouring criminals since, as it came from the police investigation, for some hours he provided shelter to two out of three fugitive foremen who are his friends.

One of the foremen, the 27 year old, has been involved in a similar violent action against an immigrant in the same region. The trial has not yet taken place.

[‘Ta Nea’ newspaper, 19/04/2013, found online at:]

Indeed, the 27 year old was one of the main actors in the sad incident that took place in August 2012 and shook the whole country. The specific foreman, together with two other individuals had taken an Egyptian worker from the strawberry fields and dragged him around streets of the village with their car. There is a file against him accusing him of bodily harm, but the trial has not taken place yet.

[‘Ethnos’ newspaper, 20/04.2013, found online at:]

The Greek police do not attribute racist motives to yesterday’s gory incident. However, as one of the men had been accused in August 2012 of causing bodily harm to a foreign worker – a result of dragging an Egyptian with a car – a detailed investigation was decided to examine whether they have ever been involved in racist crimes.

[‘Kathimerini’ newspaper, 18/04/2013, found online at:]

The charges in the brief getting filed for the gunshots against immigrants are about felonies, while for the businessman who owns the strawberry plantations, a 57 year old who got arrested in Lappa, Achaia on Wednesday, they are about abetting the actors of an attempted homicide and violation of the Aliens Act.

[‘Ta Nea’ newspaper, 19/04/2013, found online at:]

Moreover, four strawberry producers were arrested on Thursday for illegal employment of foreigners, and were taken to the prosecutor. They were released when a trial date was set.

[‘To Vima’ newspaper, 19/04/2013, found online at:]


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