Golden Dawners thrown out of Nikaia hospital

[About the invasion of Golden Dawn in Nikaia hospital on the 24th of April]

New provokation by Golden Dawn, according to witnesses, as individuals who appear to be members of the nationalist union entered the Nikaia General State hospital wearing helmets and holding bats. According to the allegations they were taking pictures of patients and others who happened to be there. They were forced to leave after strong reactions by workers and public.


According to hospital workers who alleged that they entered from the main entrance as well as from the back exit, the charge was coordinated. The hospital administrator was informed of the incident and the police was called in, though by the time the police was arriving the individuals were already withdrawing.

In a statement the local doctors’ committee of the hospital mentions:

“Today at 11a.m approximately, a group of around 25 fascists wearing the familiar grey uniforms with Golden Dawn’s trademark stormed our hospital. Initially, until preceived, they were taking pictures of themselves at the entrance, and they advanced, taking pictures at the Gynecology Clinic. They were forced to leave after a coordinated reaction by the hospital’s community booed by health workers and citizens who gathered at the hospital’s front yard.”

“The hospital of Nikaia is a hospital – place of hope and care for the poor, the refugees and the migrants. It has always been like that and it will remain like that”, the statement notes.

The Leftist Radical Cooperation of Doctors in a statement regarding the incident alleged complained that “the past few days, as usual, the emergency unity treated greeks and immigrants victims of the murderous attacks of the said ‘gentlemen’. The initiators of these monstrous actions, not only are they not welcome to our hospital but they are also detested and enemies”.

For its part, Golden Dawn issued a statement on the webpage of its local Nikaia branch mentioning that it was an action by the womens’ division for Nikaia and the rest of Peraus, whose aim was to dispense food and clothes to homeless Greeks in Nikaia. It also denounced the presence of the police, claiming: “we didn’t commit anything illegal and there was no reason for the police to be present in the area”.


“The latest Golden Dawn invasion in a public hospital cannot remain unanswered. The government cannot stay silent  in view of this new provokation by the neonazis”, SYRIZA commented.

“Golden Dawn reveals itself evreyday. Its political blueprint is explicitly the Metaxades – all the dictators, that is – who are better than any elected prime ministers”, Fofi Genimata, spokesperson of PASOK noted.

“The thuggish onslaught by members of Golden Dawn in Nikaia General State hospital, constitutes a direct questioning of democracy and legality. In our country, health is a public good, for all residents, irrespective of gender, nationality or religion. Those who attempt to terrorize patients or their escorts, are acting beyond the law”, DIMAR mentions in its statement.

[Article translated from ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper, 24/04/13, found online at]

Blood donation ‘for Greeks only’


Picture taken during Golden Dawn’s invasion in Nikaia’s General State Hospital

One group of the Golden Dawn members went to the hospital’s blood donation centre and they asked to donate blood under special conditions.

More specifically, they raised a nationality issue and asked for the blood to be available only to Greek patients, something that made the administrators of the centre reject their demand and prevent them from donating blood.

The police arrived after receiving a call from the hospital and asked from the Golden Dawn members to exit the hospital.

“If they ever set foot here again they will get beaten”, said Faii Kosmopoulou, President of the hospital’s union of employees.


[Translated from ‘Ta Nea’ newspaper, 24/04/2013, found online at:]


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