Racism increases in Greece (Deutsche Welle)

The recent attack on foreign seasonal workers in Greece shocked the country. It was one incident in a series of attacks on migrants and refugees that has caught the attention of Human Rights organizations.


“In recent years, the number of violent crimes with a racist background hasn’t increased dramatically, but their rising intensity is alarming,” says Kostis Papaioannou, head of the Greek Commission for Human and Civic Rights: it’s increasingly common for attackers to use weapons, severely injuring their victims or even risking their death.

The commission is a member of a Greek anti-racism network which published its annual report on Wednesday (24.04.2013). It documents 154 racist acts of violence in 2012. The actual number is probably much higher, since the report only includes crimes that the victims have reported themselves. The main targets are migrants and refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, but there are also two EU foreigners and a Greek citizen among the victims.

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