Greece’s people show the politicians how to fight Golden Dawn

Greeks are becoming increasingly vocal in their disgust at the presence of fascists on their political scene

Daniel Trilling


For many Greeks, Orthodox Easter is a chance to see friends and family, to eat good food or to worship. But for the neo-Nazis in Golden Dawn, who only recently made the switch from “Hellenic” paganism to a professed love for Christianity, it has been an opportunity for propaganda. Last Thursday, the party made headlines with its attempt to stage a “Greeks-only” food distribution in Athens’s Syntagma square. The next day, when Athenians were driving back to home towns and villages, Golden Dawn members held open motorway toll booths – which have become a symbolic point of resistance against the rising cost of living in the wake of austerity – so cars could pass for free.

Such stunts have become common for a party that seeks to exploit anger at Greece’s social crisis, along with the undercurrent of racism that has accompanied it. As one Golden Dawn voter in the Athens suburb of Petropolis put it to me when I visited Greece last month, she saw them as the only party who would make politicians take responsibility for their “lying and cheating” against the people. She’s not alone: almost a year after the elections that saw Golden Dawn shoot from obscurity to the third-largest party in Greece’s parliament, it maintains a steady 10-12% in the opinion polls.

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