‘I hope nobody else experiences what happened to my child’

He and his four children had gone to the Mutual Help Centre of the Municipality of Athens for the Easter festivities during which the mayor would offer gifts to children of families in need.

50 year old D.CH (his full identity available to the newspaper) he couldn’t have imagined that himself and his daughter would find themselves a while later at the centre of the violent wroth of Golden Dawn’s MP, Giorgos Germenis, who in his attempt to assault the mayor got to hit the 12 year old girl…


15 out of the 18 Golden Dawn MPs seem to carry guns with them and they do not miss the opportunity to declare it.

Talking to ‘Sunday Ethnos’, the father of young Maria describes the dramatic moments he went through in the morning of Good Thursday at the old garrison headquarters on Philadelphia street, down-town Athens, and also how he felt about his daughter getting assaulted. ‘Maria and my younger son were shocked. They keep asking me ‘why did all that happen today dad’, he tells us. ‘I wouldn’t want anyone to find himself in my position’, the 50 year old father says.

D. CH goes through a hard but quiet life with his family at the centre of Athens. Suffering from an illness which has caused serious disability, unemployed for some time now, just like his wife, he tries to raise with dignity his four children. Maria, 12, is his oldest kid. The youngest is barely 9 months old…’We had just arrived at the municipal centre and happened to be the first family the mayor gave presents to.’, he recounts. ‘When my daughter was near the mayor along with her 2 year old sibling, the said person entered the hall swearing. At that moment, our young one was assaulted. My wife and I with our 5 year old child were walking to the front when we heard her shouting:’ ‘I’ve been hit. My eye’. I run up to her and saw her crying’.

In the wrong place

As the unlucky father describes, everything happened in a blink of an eye. ‘I didn’t swear at him neither did I speak foul. The only thing I said to him was: ‘why did you hit my child?’. He answered: ‘I didn’t hit your child’. ‘I can’t imagine anyone having the intention to assault a child. I don’t believe this person had such intention. My daughter was in the wrong place where this happened’. Eventually, Y. Germenis never apologized to him for assaulting the kid.

The child was hit under the eyebrow and in the eye. The staff immediately rushed to bring some ice to soothe the injury. The biggest ‘remainder’ of the assault was the shock the kids experienced from the foul language and the mania of Y. Germenis. ‘Luckily, the injury was not serious. The incident was magnified, I consider it done. In my testimony to the police I said I seek no further actions.

The kids, logically, were shocked. My young one keeps asking me why all that happened and I try to tell him the truth, but also calm him down. What made me mostly sad is that this person called me a punk and liar. I am neither. I am a person with problems and I put above all the dignity of my family’, he emphasizes.


Golden Dawn MPs carrying firearms

Golden Dawm MPs are carrying firearms and make threats. Taking advantage of the legal framework and invoking reasons of security, right after the elections last May the MPs rushed to file applications for permit to carry firearms. Such was their anguish to get hold of guns that they filed the applications before even they take the oath to the parliament. 15 days before the second round of the elections in June.

According to sources cited by the ‘Sunday Ethnos‘ a minimum of 15 out of 18 elected MPs (of Golden Dawn) are already carrying firearms, without losing opportunities to make display of them. One of the first ones to apply and get the permit was the protagonist of the recent incident against Athens Mayor, Giorgos Kaminis.  Giorgos Germenis, aka ‘Kaiadas’, was ready, according to eyewitnesses, to pull out the handgun he was in hold of.


Golden Dawn MP Giorgos Germenis was famous in the black metal scene as ‘Kaiadas’, while being a member of the group Naer Mataron

In his statement, he does not deny carrying firearms, but he characterizes as ‘false and despicable the allegations against him. ‘They got to the shameful point of saying I’ve hit an underage girl. The relevant videos clearly prove them wrong…my alleged intention of pulling out a gun also proves to be a set-up. There were plenty of cameras on the spot which recorded the incident. I call on them to publicize this material’, ‘Kaiadas’s statement states.

The videos were made public only to prove G. Germenis false. The recorded images are showing him, attacking the mayor of Athens in rage, trying to approach him with the intention of assault, and getting blocked by the mayor’s security guards. Further, the cry of the security guards ‘put the gun down’ is clearly audible. Finally when he is ready to strike the mayor, he is held and his hand lands on the girl.

There are questions around the stance of the police. An arrest could be anticipated, the victim of the attack being a public figure. However, the police was yet again an observer.

On its part, the Hellenic Police claims that its officers have no right to arrest MPs unless a felony is committed. However, when an incident like that happens who can guarantee if the committed act is a felony or not?

This is not the first time the police turn a blind eye to GD’s delirium of anomia. Similar incidents took place outside ‘Chytirio’ theatre, when MP Pappas (GD) freed a person who was in police custody, or when I. Kasidiaris was directly threatening a riot police officer, but also in Rafina against foreign street ventors.

The heavy metal musician that loves provoking

‘How can he swear like that? Its holy Easter’ a person who happened to be present in the incident said to him. Only for another one to say ‘he doesn’t care, he is a Satanist’.

G. Germenis, known in the black metal scene as ‘Kaiadas’, has little to do with Christianity, a fact clearly ascertainable by the lyrics of the songs of the band he plays with, Naer Mataron.

Despite the attempts of the leadership of Golden Dawn to support the motto of their junta role models ‘fatherland, religion, family’ he has several times expressed his anti-Christian positions.

This latest incident did not come out of the blue. He was known from early due to his military command to the journalists the night of the elections last year to stand right up upon the leader’s arrival.

His mis-pronouncing of the command was all over the media worldwide, attracting negative criticisms.


Article translated from ‘Sunday Ethnos’ newspaper, 15/05/2013, found online at:]


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