Agios Panteleimonas arsonists found to be members of racist ‘attack squad’

Golden Dawn slogans found in the house of one of the arrested men

As the preliminary inquiry carried out by the Department for Racist Violence has shown, the two men arrested for the arson attack against an immigrant’s shop in Agios Panteleimonas belong to a well organised network that has been carrying out racist activities and attacks for more than 10 months.


Picture of a wardrobe in the house of one of the detainees
[The slogans read: “And if I die in the battle write with my blood ‘Greece I love you'”; “You are born a Greek – you cannot become one”; “whoever is not Greek is a barbarian”; “Blood-Honour-Golden Dawn”; “Either Greece or ash” ]

The two 34-year-olds were arrested on Wednesday—the police are searching for another three accomplices—for the arson attack against the shop of a Cameroonian immigrant during the early hours of Tuesday after having hurled insults and threats against the immigrant earlier.

The detainees will be taken to the Prosecutor on Thursday, accused of offenses of arson, threat and damage in complicity, as well as the infringement of Law 927 of 1979 about the punishment of acts or activities aiming at racial discrimination.

The officers involved in the case characterize the defendants and their accomplices as an ‘attack squad’ racially motivated against foreigners in the region. They highlight the existence of right-wing offshoots of younger age involved in parallel racist activities in Agios Panteleimonas.

According to the announcement of the Greek Police, during the investigation in the house of one of the detainees they found “slogans and symbols of a specific political group written on the bedroom’s wardrobe”. One of the slogans was “Blood-honour-Golden Dawn”, as one of the officers said. This evidence is part of the file against the arrested men.

4-5 months ago, a group of which one of the detainees was a member verbally attacked the 34-year-old immigrant. Also, one of the men had been arrested before for drug dealing involving small amounts of drugs.

The police have submitted a request to the judicial authorities for the disclosure of the identity and the publication of the photographs of the detainees in order to facilitate citizens in recognising them and in reporting other possible offences.

The authorities are investigating the possible involvement of the detainees in other recent racist incidents in the broader are of Agios Panteleimonas.

At the same time, there is investigation about whether the racist network in which they 34-year-olds were participating is involved in the recent attacks against a 14-year old Afghani who had his face slashed with a broken bottle as well as against a 20-year-old Syrian at the train station in Attica square.

The Syrian did not recognise any of the detainees. Witnesses say that in both cases the perpetrators were of younger age. There is examination of the possibility that the attacks were perpetrated by individuals from the far-right subgroups that are active in the area.

[Translated from ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper, 16/05/2013, found online at:]

The perpetrators are Golden Dawners


As the Greek police announced, the two detainees, together with three other accomplices went to the Cameroonian’s bar at Lemesos street in Agios Panteleimonas  in the evening of Monday, May 13 and “threatened to burn his shop down, they also hurled insults about his national origin and skin colour and then forced him to close his shop.”

The perpetrators carried out their threat and set the shop on fire at around 02:00 am at dawn, Tuesday, May 14. Having broken the glass, they caused fire using a flammable liquid, thus inflicting damage to the shop. The fire was extinguished by the Fire Brigade.


[Translated from ‘Ethnos’ newspaper, 16/05/2013, found online at:]


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