US State Department considers Golden Dawn “anti-Semitic and xenophobic”


Annual report scathing in critique of far-right party


The U.S. State Department published its annual report on religious freedom on Monday, where they made extensive reports to Golden Dawn. The reports refers to Golden Dawn as “an openly anti-Semitic and xenophobic political party”, the stance of which allows Greece to be slandered internationally.

The report also stresses that anti-Semitism has increased considerably since Golden Dawn was voted in Parliament during the last elections. Likewise attacks against immigrants, particularly from Muslim countries have skyrocketed.


(Read the full report on ‘To Vima’s’ english website:


US State Department expresses concern over Golden Dawn

Extensive reference to far-right party in international religious freedom report

Golden Dawn’s openly anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric and violent actions are extensively referred to in an international religious freedom report published by the US State Department on Monday

Expressions of anti-Semitism have increased after voters elected members of Golden Dawn to parliament, the US State Department has noted in its annual international religious freedom report that was published on Monday.

The State Department says Golden Dawn is “a political party openly espousing anti-Semitism and racism and linked to violent attacks against individuals perceived to be immigrants” and points out that, although the government has condemned anti-Semitic and racist incidents, it hasn’t done much to counter hate speech and violent actions.

“Observers such as the European Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League called on the authorities to do more to counter Golden Dawn’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and violent actions,” the State Department says, adding that “Human Rights Watch and other groups alleged the police took little action to curb violent Golden Dawn activities.”


(Read the full report on Eleftherotypia’s English website:

[State Department’s full original report about religious freedom in Greece can be found here:]


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