Racist attacks against immigrants in Thessaloniki

Two immigrants were assaulted and injured on Saturday in Thessaloniki, according to the Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki, the Antifascist Solidarity Assembly and NAFTHA (antinazi organization).


Picture of one of the victims taken from NAFTHA’s facebook page.

Specifically, according to the allegations, the first incident took place at 4pm and the victim was a 39 year old street peddler from Rwanda. According to witnesses, two individuals on a motorbike approached him and one of them tried to stab him in his throat. The victim evaded the knife and got injured in the cervical area.

Earlier, around noon, in Aristotelous and Tsimiski area, a group of Greeks taunted African street peddlers, threatening them that unless they leave the country they will kill them.

The second incident took place around 2am outside the Theological School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. A young man from Irak reported that he was assaulted with a dagger by a group of people who first asked him where he is from and then threatened him by saying ‘go back to your country’ and ‘get out’.

The young man was injured in the chest and was taken to Ippokratio Hospital.

“We will not let such misanthropic attacks become a part of our daily life in the city. None of us can remain apathetic in the face of acts of racial violence, verbal or physical’, note in their statement the abovementioned organizations that denounced the attacks.

[Article translated from ‘Eleftherotypia’s’ website, 31/05/2013, available online at:]


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