Tanker driver from FYROM attacked by Panagiotaros

New violent incident

A new outbreak of violence by a Golden Dawn MP comes in the spotlight. This time it is Ilias Panagiotaros who appears in a video ‘checking’ a tanker driver from FYROM and treating him in a violent, vulgar and insulting way.

The video has been posted on Golden Dawn’s website, and is accompanied by the comment that Mr Panagiotaros did “the obvious.”

The provocation is not new, as the video seems to have been on the Internet since April 2011.

Ilias Panagiotaros

In the video the GD MP unsticks the MK [Makedonia] label from the tanker and slams it violently on the driver’s forehead. Afterwards, I. Panagiotaros sprays the driver’s head with black paint spray.

The driver tries to move away alarmed and stunned, while the GD MP follows the driver while cursing him.

The video was posted on Wednesday on Golden Dawn’s website with the following label: “The non-existent state authorities do not apply the law and let such vehicles move provoking the Greek citizens. A few years ago fellow fighter Panagiotaros met one of these vehicles and did the obvious: he removed the illegal MK inscription”.

Incidents of violence and usurpation of authority had also occurred in September 2012, when GD MP Kostas Barbarousis attacked vendors in Messologi and GD MPs Panagiotis Iliopoulos and George Germenis attacked vendors at the festival of Rafina.

The immunity of K. Barbarousis has been lifted by the House and he was charged with unlawful violence, wanton damage, usurping authority and violating the law against racial discrimination. Respectively has lifted the parliamentary immunity of P. Iliopoulos and G.Germenis for the events in Rafina.

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