Kasidiaris suggests he’s a Holocaust denier

Strong reaction to comments by Golden Dawn MP

Ilias Kasidiaris, the only Golden Dawn MP on the committee investigating the Lagarde list, said Holocaust deniers sat on the committee.


A Golden Dawn MP sparked controversy from the podium in parliament on Thursday when he indicated that he was a Holocaust denier.

Ilias Kasidaris made the comments during a debate about the investigation by a parliamentary committee into the Lagarde list of suspected tax evaders with accounts in Swiss banks.

Kasidaris, the only Golden Dawn MP on the committee, said that a Greek-Israeli financier, Sabby Mionis, is refusing to attend a sitting of the committee investigating the list because there where “Holocaust deniers” sitting on it.

“The Jew Sabby Mionis is key to this case … He won’t come to this committee because there are Holocaust deniers on it. And indeed there are Holocaust deniers on it. We don’t want to go to the murderous Zionist state. If he sets foot in this country, he’ll face justice,” Kasidiaris said…

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