Police torture immigrants resisting deportation

Allegations of shocking police practices in El.Venizelos airport


Picture found on KEERFA’s website

Immigrants claim they received torture with the use of electricity on the genital area, sexual demands, and beating by the police at Eleftherios Venizelos airport after resisting their deportation.

As the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) says in their statement, the police make use of all means in order to force the immigrants detained in Amygdaleza camp accept their deportation.

According to the complaints, immigrants held in Amygdaleza were transported to El. Venizelos airport for forced deportation, after they were beaten by the policemen. When they refused to be deported they were taken by the policemen to a room somewhere in the airport, where they were tortured.

The three detainees claimed they were beaten and tortured with the use of an electricity device.

More precisely, detainee Daoud Ahmed had already claimed he had suffered an eye injury after being attacked by a policeman in Amygdaleza detention camp and actually the Federation of Hospital Doctors of Greece (OENGE) asked his transportation to the hospital to be checked. He complained that [instead] he got repeatedly punched in the chin and that they used the electricity device on his body nine times. He was also kicked in the stomach.


Picture found on KEERFA’s website

Ivon Valinde suffered injuries and abrasions on his shoulder after receiving strikes.

Wasi Haider claims that they put the electricity device on his genitals. His arm is injured.

There was still blood on Valinde’s and Haider’s clothes. According to the complaints, there were racist insults that were followed by a policeman’s sexual demand for oral sex.

KEERFA demands the dismantlement of the racist mechanism of the Greek Police that was assigned with the task of the forced deportation of immigrants and proceeds to torture them. At the same time they demand the abolition of the ‘Xenios Zeus’ operation and the closure of the detention centres.


Translated from ‘To Vima’ newspaper, 02/07/2013. Available online at:


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