Golden Dawn attacks social space with clubs and crowbars

Golden Dawn thugs attacked not only adults but also children. It is the third time this specific social space is attacked within only one year


A blatant fascist attack by 80-100 Golden Dawn people took place, Wednesday evening, against the open social space ‘Synergeion’, near Ilioupolis’ central square, with the police by-standing.

At 7.30 in the evening, there was an English language class going on and besides the minors only two adults were present. The teacher (over 60 years old) and another person. A group riding 50 motorbikes and raving with greek flags, clubs and crowbars arrives at the scene.

Known for bullying, GD thugs (they were wearing GD T-shirts and scattered around brochures with their political positions!) assaulted not only the adults but also the children, while they made a mess  of the place.


Fortunately, everyone came out unscathed or with only minor injuries. ‘Ef.Syn’ newspaper communicated with the people from ‘Synergeion’, who explained that there is a recorded video of 2 policemen on motorbikes observing apathetic the incident. A quarter of an hour before the incident, the motorbike-demonstration had passed from Ag. Konstantinou avenue, where the Police station of Ilioupoli is premised.

It is the third time within one year that this particular space is under attack. The first time in the beginning of March with a incendiary device and the second time, during Easter, and under the auspices of the police (!), as local residents tell the newspaper. After the attack, an open assembly was called which decided to respond with legal judicial means on the basis of evidence gathered by neighbors’ testimonies.

Kostas Zafeiropoulos


Article published in ‘Efimerida ton Sintakton’ newspaper,  10 July 2013. Available online at: