Hunger striker released on bail on 38th day of protest

Kostas Sakkas must provide €30,000 and regularly report to his local police station

Decision to release Kostas Sakkas on bail comes a day after a doctor monitoring his health said he is at the ‘final stage’ of life, having completed 37 days on hunger strike

A court of judges in Athens has ordered the conditional release pending trial of an anarchist hunger striker who is on his 38th day of protest against being kept on remand for more than the constitutional limit.

The court said Kostas Sakkas, 29, who is facing terrorism-related charges, could be released on bail of €30,000.

He is obliged to remain within the Attica region and must report regularly to his local police station.

A student, Sakkas began his hunger strike on June 4, 2½ years to the day since his arrest.

On Wednesday, a doctor monitoring Sakkas’ health said he is at the “final stage” of life and appealed to the government to secure his release.

Sakkas was arrested in December 2010 but has been held in prison in pretrial detention for longer than the 18-month limit allowed by the constitution.


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On Wednesday, police attacked demonstrators protesting for the release of Kostas Sakkas. The protest took place near the Acropolis: