Torture lawsuits

‘Not a single person has filed a lawsuit against the police’ the minister claimed from London with regards to the ‘swept’ migrants of operation ‘Xenios Zeus’. However, two of them who had been transferred from detention in Amygdaleza to the airport for deportation filed yesterday a ‘heroic’ lawsuit via their lawyers.


These people, who have names and families, ventured to denounce their torturers. Greek policemen, who are certain to face some internal investigation for the ‘eyes’ of the people, reached the point, besides fierce beatings, of delivering electro-shock torture on inmates genitals, and of abusing them on the basis of their religion, their country of origin, while one of them demanded from them oral sex. Racist, intolerant and sexist ‘excesses of duty’ in a police force which has nothing to do, according always to the minister, with the methods known from the nazi monstrosities.

The lawsuit may some day go to court with or without the witnesses. This is precisely what was anticipated for these cases by the antiracist law: the protection of victims-witnesses who are now left unprotected by the hellenic democracy of certain sherifs who violate the Constitution and the laws.

Article translated from ‘Efimerida ton Sintakton’ newspaper, 11 July 2013. Available online at:


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