Three Golden Dawn members sent to hospital after encounter with anti-authoritarian activists

Police arrested more than 20 people


Three were injured and tens were arrested on account of the turmoil that took place on Wednesday in dowtown Patras.  According to information, individuals from the anti-authoritarian scene, assaulted the passengers – apparently members of Golden Dawn – of a moving vehicle in Aratou st., near Ethnikis Antistaseos square.

Three of the passengers were injured and taken to the university hospital. In turn, police units were mobilized and more than 20 people were taken into police custody. One of them seems to have been injured by the police.

Earlier that evening, the police mobilized its forces to prevent clashes between anti-authoritarian activists and members of Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn took the initiative to commemorate those from the region who lost their lives in Cyprus in 1974. The group of antiauthoritarian activists who attempted to approach the square in order to protest was removed by the police.


Article translated from ‘To Vima’ newspaper, 24 July 2013. Available online at: