Golden Dawners stab immigrants in Heraklion

Two young people, 18 to 20 years old are the new victims of the neonazi’s brutality. The reason is simple: their reponse to the question “were are you from?” was “from Pakistan”.


Another violent attack by goldendawners against immigrants took place on Monday night in Heraklion, Crete. The attack reveals the Minister’s of Citizen Protection understanding of anti-racist-policy (to which he claims to be committed), the very moment that far-right murderers go around free and unpunished while the victims cannot turn to the police or even the health services out of fear of getting deported.

This time it was two teenager immigrants aged 18 to 20 that became the victims of the neonazi’s brutality in an incident that took place in Heraklion, where a group of goldendawners had a gathering to celebrate the one year since the opening of the local Golden Dawn offices. The gathering had taken place just a bit before the attack and was also attended by goldendawner MP Christos Pappas.

“Where are you from?”

In more detail, at around 3 on Tuesday morning the two immigrants were walking in Giofyro, just outside ‘Jumbo’ store on their way back home. Suddenly a group of men in black arrived with five-six cars and ten motorbikes. They stopped and most of them got off their vehicles and asked the usual question: “Where are you from?”.

When the immigrants responded “from Pakistan”, three goldendawners pulled knives. One of them cut the veins of the older immigrant’s wrist, as he was trying to defend himself. Another made a cut on the other immigrant’s neck just over the carotid artery, leaving a three centimetre scar. The immigrants fell on the ground and the rest of the goldendawners started kicking them furiously till they got tired and decided to leave.

Too scared to go to the hospital

The victims dragged themselves to their apartment and waited there till Tuesday afternoon when they were found terrified by a friend. They were too scared to go to the hospital because they did not have papers. As expected, they did not even dare to think of going to the police. Eventually they managed to find a doctor who took note of the injuries on their arms and necks and also the bruises on their ribs caused by the strikes.

“Is this where we are going in Greece? How is it possible that two victims of a violent attack are not able to go to the hospital due to fear of deportation? Can someone get stripped of their basic human rights just because their stay in the country is irregular?” asks Katerina Hasouraki, coordinator of the local Amnesty International branch, after meeting with the victims.

Translated from ‘Efimerida ton Syntakton’ newspaper, 13/08/2013. Available online at:


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