The ordeal of the insurrected migrants continues

Today a SYRIZA delegation is scheduled to visit the detention facilities in Amygdaleza.


The ordeal of the arrested-insurrected immigrants of Amygdaleza continues as they experience not only prolonged detention and squalid conditions at the modern concentration camp, but also the revengeful mania of the police that culminates with their prosecution.

Another 27 immigrants were escorted today to the court at Evelpidon, while from yesterday’s lot, 12 out of 24 were put under arrest, the rest simply being returned to Amygdaleza.


Their bitter common destiny persists as they are all being charged with felonies and misdemeanours (revolt, attempted escape and escape, arson risking serious bodily harm, vilification). Restrictions on outdoors movement are already in place during the last 3 days and the immigrants detained in the containers are risking heat stroke. In most containers there is no electricity or air-conditioning and in some there is no water supply, while the atmosphere is still replete with tear gas.

As it is already known, the doctor of the facility, Elpida Euthimiatou, saw many cases of bruises caused during the riot police raid, while the solicitors who see detainees report of aggravated assaults at the Aliens sub-directorate, where the immigrants have been transferred and packed. However, solidarity was not absent yesterday as citizens and members of humanitarian organizations gathered to protest the revengeful mania of the police which invokes the invisible ‘threat of illegal immigration’.

Article translated from ‘Efsyn’ newspaper, 15/08/2013. Online at:


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