Golden Dawn members disrupt civil war commemoration

Hurl water bottles at New Democracy MP

New Democracy MP Maria Antoniou says that the civil war commemoration ‘did not belong to Golden Dawn, which wants to turn it into an anniversary of hate’


In this video screengrab, New Democracy MP Maria Antoniou being led away from the Golden Dawn protesters

Civil war hatred was revived on Sunday when Golden Dawn members verbally abused a New Democracy MP who was attending at a ceremony held to mark the 64th anniversary of the ending of the Greek civil war (1946-1949).

Wearing black T-shirts festooned with the neonazi party’s name and symbol, the Golden Dawn members threw water bottles at the MP, Maria Antoniou, as she attempted to lay a wreath at the site, at Mt Vitsi, between the northern prefectures of Florina and Kastoria.

Antoniou said she was representing parliament at the ceremony.

But the Golden Dawn members present, led by MP Ilias Panayiotaras, claimed she had no right to be there. His party said that for years, New Democracy had ignored the ceremony and was now sending a representative in order to stem to loss of support to Golden Dawn.

(Read the full report and watch the video on ‘Eleftherotypia’s’ English website:


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