He did everything for the pocket money from Golden Dawn

By Lambropoulos Vasilis. G.

What the close friends of the murderer (G. Roupakias) of Pavlos Fyssas report to “” – all the new details on the case




“Giorgos, just like other members of his family, was receiving payments from the Golden Dawn. He used to work in the offices of the party, his wife was working as a cleaner there, and so did his daughter. He was also involved in Golden Dawn’s food handouts [for Greeks only] and in other activities of the far-right party’s local branch. He was making some money for all these. Some years ago he was supporting another party but he said he moved to Golden Dawn because of the money. Perhaps it was this financial dependence on the party’s local branch that urged him to go to that spot where the murder would take place. However, it is unimaginable that he pulled a knife and killed a man. Giorgos always gave us the impression that he was someone who was avoiding fights…”

This is what a close friend of Giorgos Roupakias told about the perpetrator of the cold-blooded murder of 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas on Tuesday night in Amfiali. The 45-year-old man – who now claims he feels “crushed and regretful” while held by Attica Police’s Department of Security – used to work as truck driver for an oil company in Egaleo and at a fishmongerin Chalandri, owned by a relative of his who was also making some extra money working for the Golden Dawn.


G. Roupakias at a Golden Dawn food handout [wearing a GD hoodie]

On Tuesday night, a former colleague of him told us that “Giorgos has always been kind and good at his work, a real friend. He would stay away from fighting. Once, there was a fight outside the oil company where he used to work and I remember him trying to hide in order not to get involved. He used to support another party but two years ago he started mingling with the ‘Golden Dawn’. When we asked him what made him change like this, he explained us that he hid what he did only for the additional money he would get from the party, because he wanted his family to be happy. This is why he also put his family to work there occasionally. The only thing he really cared about was AEK (!) [a football team], of which was a big supporter. During the last days, he was trying to collect money for a close relative of him who had eyesight problems. We really cannot understand how a seemingly peaceful man like him had a knife in his car and killed so easily”


Roupakias at a Golden Dawn camp in the region of Neda

The 45-year-old supported in his testimony that he was in the café in Amfiali, where the victim also was. According to his testimony, “immediately after he drove his car to the spot of the fight, he was attacked by unknown people and and then he pulled a knife from his car in order to defend himself. This is how he stabbed the 34-yearsold who had previously attacked him”. Unfortunately for him, his allegations were falsified by his own wife who testified to the Police that “during the football match her husband was with her, when he received a call from an unknown person and immediately drove to the spot of the bloody fight…”

According to all available information, the 45-year-old attacked the 34-year-old in cold blood without even knowing what the victim’s involvement in the quarrel was…

The Police is trying to collect information about the identity of the two individuals, possibly supporters of Golden Dawn who were watching the football match in the same café as the victim and who also started the fight against the 34-years-old victim’s company. Police officers consider highly possible that these two individuals called all the other Golden Dawners in Amfiali.


Roupakias at a Golden Dawn camp in the region of Neda

Translated from ‘To Vima’ newspaper website:


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