Evidence builds against Golden Dawn

Eavesdropping recordings may implicate three party MPs

Golden Dawn leader leaves question open on whether he will pull his party out of parliament, a move which would trigger byelections in a number of constituences


Evidence incriminating at least three sitting MPs of Golden Dawn has emerged in an investigation being carried out by a Supreme Court prosecutor into illegal activities carried out by members of the neonazi party.

As reported by the local media, evidence that the MPs are involved in unlawful activity arises from information – including from recordings of telephone conversations made by hundreds of Golden Dawn officials – provided by the National Intelligence Service (EYP) to deputy Supreme Court prosecutor Haralambos Vourliotis, who was handed 32 case files of incidents involving Golden Dawn members of the party earlier this week.

Some of these recordings were made shortly before the murder of Pavlos Flyssas, Eleftherotypia reported on Thursday. According to the daily, the transcript of the recordings could show that the murderer received an order to assassinate Fyssas, and the source of the order may have been a Golden Dawn MP.

The information also contains evidence of links between Golden Dawn officials and underworld and criminal figures…

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