Leader of GD Nikaia core group G. Patellis testifies – Golden Dawn MP G. Lagos and Sergeant Veta in police custody awaiting trial

by Papadakou Gianna & Pouliopoulos G.


After an agreement was reached between the investigator and the prosecutor, Golden Dawn MP G. Lagos sees his way into jail. By contrast, Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiotaros and N. Michos are released on restrictive measures.

Ilias Kasidiaris was released on the condition that he does not exit the country and he had to pay a bail of 50.000 euros. Restriction from leaving the country was also ordered for Panagiotaros and Michos.

The three who were released departed together with a taxi from Evelpidon Court. On their way out they shouted ‘Well done for your democracy’ while they were shoving and verbally abusing the journalists who tried to get near them.

Before getting on the taxi, N. Michos shouted ‘only dead shall we be defeated’ while Panagiotaros warned those assisting: ‘you’ll see in the afternoon’.

Another 8 arrested officials and members of GD were transferred to Evelpidon Court on Wednesday after 11am to testify.

After 1 o’ clock, G. Patellis, aka ‘Nikaia core group leader’ was led to the investigator’s office to testify.

At the same time Golden Dawn supporters gathered outside the Court and unfolded a Greek flag as well as the usual Golden Dawn flag with the meander on. Police is on high alert on view of the upcoming transferral of the leader, N. Michaloliakos.


The arrested police sergeant from Pireaus Security department was also taken into custody after she testified to the Prosecutor about the Golden Dawn case, as she is charged with being a member of a criminal organisation.

The Sergeant allegedly had relations with the organization.

In her house the police found and confiscated, amongst other things, a service pistol, a flare revolver, a replica pistol, a knife with brass knuckles, a Taser electroshock weapon, four butterfly knives, four pocket knifes, three brass knuckles, two curved-blade swords, 20 G-3 military rifle rounds, four smoke bombs, dozens of crackers, and a Golden Dawn membership card.

Pavlos Sarakakis, Kasidiaris’ solicitor, stated that: ‘it is a positive and important decision after the course of the investigation that started at 3 in the afternoon. It was certain that a situation was formed such that it would be impossible for them to exercise their parliamentary duties and for my client to become unable to run for mayor. The various Cassandras were falsified. Political antagonism must remain in the political arena.’

Referring also to the decision of New Democracy to expel him from its members, he characterized it as silly and unfair and added that ‘there was pressure to prevent me from taking up this case. But I’m a solicitor and I’m bound by a code of ethics.’

After 7 hours the apology of Ilias Kasidiaris  came to an end. He claimed his persecution is political as Golden Dawn would allegedly rate high with his candidature for mayor of Athens, and this is the reason why they wanted to harm him.

His lawyer, I. Sarakis, has allegedly stated after his client’s release that the latter ‘holds a surprise to the Prime Minister’.

Asked about the organization’s logistics, he denied that the organization is funded by any enterpreneur. He received a burst of questions regarding what the protected witnesses testified. He categorically denied everything about storm troops that the protected witness had mentioned whilst talking to TV station Alpha, for whom he said that he is of disputable morality, ex-member of AN. EL. and also that he was paid by the journalist and that he was evicted from Golden Dawn.

With regard to the organization’s article of association which was handed in to the prosecutor Mr. Vourliotis by a witness, he claimed that it is fake and that the only article of association that he acknowledges is that submitted to the first branch of the Supreme Court in June 2012, endorsed as legal by the present attorney of the Supreme Court E. Kotzamani.

He was highly critical against journalists and politicians who, according to him, for political purposes defame the actions of Golden Dawn.

Regarding the conversations that portray him as a trainer of ‘storm troops’ of Golden Dawn, he claimed that there are no such troops, that he does not have any such role, while when asked how he knows a certain woman who portrays him in the recorded conversations as a trainer of storm troops he said ‘she apparently saw me on the TV in a party’s event’.

At 3.30am the plea of I. Panagiotaros was also finished. He followed the same line of defence as I. Kasidiaris. He talked of fake witnesses and fabricated accusations whose target is his political persecution.

On his way into the investigator’s office he screamed: ‘we are clear as crystalls’.

He also said that the accusations against him are ridiculous while he characterised incidental the events that appear in the prosecution file that seem to link him to criminal actions.

After 8 in the morning, the apology of G. Lagos also came to an end. According to information, he stated that the recurrent phonecalls he made after the murder of P. Fyssas was for him to get informed about what had happened as he had no clue. He also talked about his persecution as political and said that he recognizes only the official 2012 article of association.

After 9.30 N. Michos finished his apology too. He maintained the same line of defence noting among others that ‘my prosecution is political. I have not attended any alleged meeting that took place before the events in Perama. I am an Euvoia MP and have nothing to do with Perama.’

N. Michaloliakos’ plea is due on Wednesday after request filed by his solicitors, while the MP C. Pappas will be called to testify on Thursday.

Michaloliakos will be transferred at 15:30.

The majority of those arrested will testify on Wednesday while the investigators issued another nine arrest warrants.

Outside Evelpidon Court remain stationed four riot police vehicles and more police guard building 6 of the Court where the accused are transferred to.


After the accused D. Fragkakis, Stavros Santorinaios was released under restrictive measures, while the third accused and alleged member of the criminal organization Theodoros Stefas has time until Thursday to prepare his plea.

These particular accused individuals appear to be peripheral members, while two of those who testified to the investigator that they have no relationship whatsoever, ideological or organizational to Golden Dawn.

The investigators with the according judgment of the bail prosecutor released them having imposed restrictive measures on them.

They are both banned from exiting the country and one of them is obliged to make a monthly show up at their local police station.

D Fragkakis’ solicitor Athena Harvalakou-Glyka said: ‘My client denied any relationship to the organization, being neither a voter or a member of it. The only clue that that ties him up to the story is tha phonecall by a member of his family, also accused, three hours before the incident. I am glad that the case is taken up by most capable investigators who do not investigate convictions but evidence’.

Around 100 people responded to the call out by Golden Dawn, raising also a banner (without signature): ‘Politics is not done with terror and prison cells, terrorism is people starving’ while the unfolded a Greek flag.

Simultaneously they chant the well-known slogan: ‘Blood – Honor – Golden Dawn’, and ‘Greece they are selling you off – they bow to foreigners’.


Among the crowd there is also MP K. Barbarousis, N. Kouzilos, D. Koukoutsis, P. Iliopoulos.

Mihaloliakos’ wife, E. Zaroulia, caused an incident again on Tuesday, assaulting a cameraman with her handbag.


Earlier on, Golden Dawn MP, A. Matthaiopoulos talking to journalists mentioned: ‘I am here potentially charged with belonging to a criminal organization whose article of association was approved by those prosecuting us now. I am referring to [prosecutor] Efterpi Kotzamani. You understand how the charge is political.’

Translated from ‘To Vima’ newspaper, 02/10/2013. Online at:


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