Two Golden Dawn members killed in drive-by shooting outside Athens office

Third member of far-right Greek party severely injured in what police call ‘terrorist attack’

Helena Smith in Athens, Friday 1 November 2013 20.49 GMT

Police outside Golden Dawn office in Athen

Police forensic experts search for evidence outside offices of the Golden Dawn party in Athens, following a shooting that killed two. Photograph: John Kolesidis/Reuters

Crisis-plagued Greece was thrown into further turmoil on Friday after two members of the far-right Golden Dawn party were shot dead in what police called a “terrorist attack” outside one of the organisation’s offices in Athens.

Two men, described as a 20 and 23-year-old, died instantly in the drive-by shooting, according to a statement released by the extremist group.

“Two helmeted terrorists on a motorbike stopped in front of Golden Dawn’s offices in [the northern Athens suburb of] Neo Iraklio while the office was open and a lot of people were [gathered around] its entrance,” said the party.

“The co-rider got off [the bike] and in cold blood executed two young men at a distance of about half a metre. Before leaving the terrorists fired again … they literally emptied their weapons [of bullets] on top of them.”

A third Golden Dawn member, identified as a 29-year-old father of one, was fighting for his life in an Athens hospital after being severely injured in the hail of gunfire.

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