“…suspended by their necks”

By katerina Kati and Maria Dima


Chilling documents emerge from the court case against Golden Dawn: the blood-thirsty oath of storm troops, initiation of children, black propaganda and plans of mass murder of opponents.

Photographic documents of Golden Dawn members saluting in a Nazi fashion in front of Golden Dawn’s symbols and wearing Ku Klux Klan outfit. Videos of oath-giving ceremonies by which candidate members are welcomed in the core of the organization, priding themselves to be Nazi, promises for gallows, pre-election public statements by the leader of the Nazi formation regarding their opponents that “we will do away with them once and for all”, Goebels-inspired propaganda texts and much more constitute the new evidence that come to light with the voluminous case against Golden Dawn.

Hard evidence that come to justify the judicial authorities, who have characterized Golden Dawn as a ‘criminal organization’, and ordered the detention of its high-rank members. In another video shot before the May elections, Nikos Mihaloliakos talks to a like-minded public and among others he is heard to say:

“We are the bad fascists, the nationalists, the truth is they are not wrong, we are all of the above-mentioned. Our purpose is not to improve those who are today in the parliament or to rectify the corrupt and exhausted political forces, but to do away with them alltogether”

The new evidence derives from the confiscated computers found in private residences and offices of N. Mihaloliakos, I. Kasidiaris, G. Lagos, G. Germenis, as well as in offices of local branches of the organization. The evidence has been forwarded to the investigators involved in the case, since they had first to be ‘decoded’ by the competent police authorities.

Oath of loyalty in front of Führer Michaloliakos


In one of the confiscated videos shot in the presencce of the secretary general of the organization N. Mihaloliakos, MP G. Germenis and the black-clothed  audience, a new candidate member of storm troops is taking the oath, reciting the oath of Golden Dawn and saluting in a Nazi way facing N. Mihaloliakos.

“I am Golden Dawn because I am a Greek revolutionary. We must kill the Jew that we all hide inside us. The first day of judgment, away from preaching theories about forgiving, we will not ask whether they are oscillate towards the left or the right, simply because they will oscillate hung by their necks. The member of Golden Dawn is a revolutionary. Yes I am a Nazi if some want it this way and together we are going to change the world. They are all traitors and deserve to be axed.”

In the first video, a person attending speaks out and salutes in a Nazi way, while before the oath ceremony starts you can hear from the audience: “those who moan but refuse to get off their couch are worms and deserve to be stepped upon.”

Brigadier Mourtos and the Night of the Big Knifes


The military man seen saluting in a nazi way is Dimitrios Mourtos, retired Brigadier, president of the amateur branch of Panathinaikos football club, until his death on 5.1.2013. As ‘Efsyn’ has revealed, Mourtos has been an active Golden Dawn member and Golden Dawn honoured him with the following words: “Brigadier Dimitrios Mourtos honoured the uniform of the Greek Officer, as it should be with a genuine Nationalist. He remained until the end faithful to the idea of the Fatherland, the Race, and Nationalism. He believed adamantly the dogma that certain goods are even more valuable than health, or even life. And he followed this throughout. Faithful to the principles of Golden Dawn he fought against a a regime hostile to anything national. After the electoral success of the Nazi organization, Mourtos had sent a congratulatory telegram to Mihaloliakos: “ I consider myself happy because I live a Golden Dawn (sic), for the country to clear up. My soul is flying with yours. With the holiest of sentiments, for a Night of the Big Knives!”

The confession is chilling. Because the “Night of the Big Knives” to which the Brigadier was aspiring was the organizing mass murder that Hitler was planning to eliminate his opponents (30.6-2.7.1934)

Faithful to Goebbels Propaganda Principles


The text found in the archive under the name “the 20 principles of Propaganda – Dr. Goebbels” is a translation of a codification of Goebbels theory. The codification was performed by U.S Psychology Professor Leonard W. Doob (1950, The Public Opinion Quarterly, 14:3, pp. 419-44). The article is based on the translation of the lengthy Goebbels’ “Diaries” by Luis Lochner in 1948. Doob during WWII was a policy coordinator at the transatlantic branch of the War Information Bureau.

Despite the fact that the codification originates at the winners of the war, it is used by all contemporary neonazi groups that reproduce the 19 (and not 20) theses as the quintessence of Goebbels thought. Characteristic of the content of this thought is the 11th principle of Goebbels. It is preferable to conduct black than white propaganda when the latter is less reliable or produces unwanted results.” The implementation of this principle we can verify in the way in which Golden Dawn reacted to the prosecution of its leadership.

Initiating children to hate


The image of utter disgrace, with children becoming the object of Nazi propaganda transcends even the “visions” of the German Nazis and Hitler. Young kids are imbued with hate and fear of the other  under the will of their parents. Young kids being “educated” in how to exterminate any enemy the Golden Dawn instructor brainwashes them to identify.

Ku Klux Klan uniforms


The supporter of Golden Dawn and criminal Ku Klux Klan poses for the camera, tearing into pieces  in essence the Greek Constitution as well as the laws of parliamentary democracy.

Translated from ‘Efimerida ton Syntakton’ newspaper, 10/12/2013:


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