They knifed high school students and promised members jobs in the public sector!

Neonazis slammed in shocking testimonies

New disturbing information – in addition to an already grave collection of evidence – has been made available to Court of Appeal investigative judges Mesdames Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitropoulou, who have taken over from special investigative judges Messrs Spiros Georgouleas and Charalampos Papakostas in putting together charges against the accused Golden Dawn members [for involvement in various alleged crimes including the murder of Greek musician and anti-fascist Pavlos Fyssas in Greece in September].


“He wouldn’t even slice his food with a knife” according to the testimony of Chryssoula, sister of Pavlos Fyssas’s killer Georgios Roupakias.

During their investigation, the two senior judges have received statements from tens of individual victims harmed by Golden Dawn’s criminal activities, others who volunteered information on specific violent incidents, as well as persons who actually participated in violent and bloody attacks as members of the neonazi organisation.

Murderous attacks


An upper secondary education student in his final year was also attacked by neonazis at his school’s gate.

The impressive size of the new case file published today in a scoop by the Sunday edition of To Ethnos reveals burning evidence on the stormtrooper battalions [the newspaper uses ‘battalions’ in a loose sense of the word to denote any organised group of attackers irrespective of its size] who organised and carried out murderous attacks on anti-authority figures and immigrants in Attica and the rest of Greece.

The case file also contains evidence on the activity of strike forces in schools that carried out lethal hits against under-age students who had voiced their opposition to fascism and Nazism; and even on how new members were enticed with promises of public sector jobs in exchange for participation in the organisation’s bloody, violent operations.

What’s more, it contains revealing witness statements that children as young as 10 took part in violent assaults mainly against immigrants in neighbourhoods such as [Athens inner city area] Agios Panteleimonas.

Additionally, the case file documentation on the judges’ desks contains telltale information on Golden Dawn MPs Giorgos Germenis, Panagiotis Iliopoulos and Stathis Boukouras, all of whom have been summoned to make formal statements being accused of belonging to a criminal organisation, following the Greek Parliament’s lifting their immunity from prosecution.

Investigating judges Klapa and Dimitropoulou have examined tens of witnesses – among them MPs and city mayors – obtaining evidence that relates to all of the Golden Dawn-related case files currently open, on incidents that took place throughout Greece in which Golden Dawn MPs or ordinary members were the leading perpetrators.


Pakistani workers at a Cretan olive press were attacked by stormtrooper battalions wielding planks.

Key witnesses have also come forward to testify on Pavlos Fyssas’s murder, the recent attack on the group of [Greek Communist Party-led trade union] PAME members putting up [political] posters in [Piraeus working-class neighbourhood] Perama, and the assault on Egyptian trawler hands working at the Keratsini Fish Wholesale Market. The judges have asked that the relevant case files initially allocated to local Piraeus investigators be unified into a single one.

He didn’t even use a fish scale scraper.


Golden Dawn members seriously wounded a teacher of Spanish and another individual present at the ‘Antipnoea’ social space.

Chryssoula Roupakia, sister of Giorgos Roupakias, who is currently jailed pending trial having admitted killing Pavlos Fyssas, gave an eye-opening testimony. According to her, Giorgos Roupakias wouldn’t use a knife even to slice his food, that is, prior to joining Golden Dawn. “He is a guy who wouldn’t use a knife even at dinner time”, she said. “And when I stress the point on the phone that ‘You didn’t even want to use a fish scale scraper’, which was necessary for him to join me and my husband in running our fish shop, he told me ‘Goodbye Chryssoula’ and hung up on me.”

Her revelations have kept coming. When asked by the female judge “Do you know if there is any person who morally instigated [Roupakias’s actions], meaning is there anyone who incited him to go there and do what he did”, she answers “There’s been talk that he covers for [Golden Dawn’s Piraeus branch supremo] Patelis…”

Pakistanis beaten in Ierapetra, Crete

He joined a stormtrooper battalion in return for a job at the Public Electricity Board

The confession of one of those accused for a murderous attack on Pakistanis in Ierapetra, Crete is deeply disturbing: he admits that Golden Dawn promised public sector jobs to attract stormtrooper candidates! The revelation came from a 34-year old man accused of joining in a stormtrooper battalion that attacked Pakistani labourers with planks in February 2013 at their employer’s olive press facility in Ierapetra. According to his statement, the chairman of Golden Dawn’s branch in Ierapetra suggested he join on “reward of receiving their help with being hired by [Public Electricity Board] DEI’s facility in Atherinolakkos or some other public sector job.” Among other details he stated: “He approached me because he noticed I was a keen kick boxer […] I was unemployed at the time and I’ve got a family and two kids and I thought I could offer them financial security that way, so I agreed to become a member and take an active part in the organisation’s activities and marches.”

How the raid unfolded: “[Golden Dawn’s Ierapetra branch chairman] asked me to join them in a peaceful march at Vainia’s olive press at 19.40. There were another three local branch members in his car that was joined by a closed-type truck carrying six Greek men whom I didn’t know. […] They were all dressed in black clothes top to toe, and three of them wore black scarves. ‘M’ went into the facility and I heard him ask a worker if they employed any Pakistanis. As soon as a he got a negative reply ‘M’ came out. That’s when it dawned on me that this wasn’t going to be a scheduled peaceful march, rather something sinister. Following that, the individuals I mentioned joined the car’s four occupants, obviously they knew each other. […]”

“They pulled up at a construction site nearby and grabbed a wooden plank each. It then sank in that they had jointly planned violence in advance […] I didn’t want them to think I was hesitating and risk my reputation with them as well as missing out on the chance for a job, so I initially followed them for 50 metres without holding a stick. As an excuse to stop I said I would stay behind and guard the cars. Ten minutes later I heard screams from people as if they were fighting each other. They came running back to where I was and rushed into their cars […]”

“I got into my car and drove to where the screams had come from, to find out what had happened. I saw three foreign men, possibly Pakistani nationals, lying on the floor with blood on them. I realised what had just happened.”

Ambush on a 17-year old student

He scribbled “Antifa[scism]” on a school desk, they slashed his nose

Some truly hair-raising evidence has been revealed about Golden Dawn’s activities in schools, thanks to testimonies describing the murderous assault against a 17-year old male student in his final year of Greek higher secondary education. He was wounded with a knife by Golden Dawn members as punishment for writing “Antifa[scism]” on the desk of a female schoolmate who had been won over by Golden Dawn.

On 28 January 2013, just before passing the school’s gate, the 17-year old – who nearly lost his life – had his nose slashed and was knifed in the face and neck, with the blade going as deep as the carotid artery.

An even more shocking fact is that he was hit in a very similar manner to how Golden Dawn member G. Roupakias knifed Pavlos Fyssas. His mother’s statement reads: “My child suffered three wounds, one in the neck which was severe and very near the carotid artery. The knife was turned as it went in […] according to the surgeon […]”

Neck slashed

The victim managed to recognise one of his attackers and notes in his statement to the investigating judges: “Before getting to the gate I got slashed more than once with a knife […] I didn’t hear anyone approaching because I had been listening to music, so I never realised how many of them got near me. As my headphones came off, I heard running and realised there were more than one. I was slashed in the nose and the neck, and instinctively turned around to see the face of Giorgos A., I am 100% sure it was him. We looked each other in the eyes […]”

In answering the judges’ question “What do you think was the reason for this incident?”, the victim stated: “I honestly don’t know. However, ‘A’ has a close relationship with a female schoolmate of mine named Artemis K., I can’t remember for how long. After the summer holidays Artemis started expressing odd ideas about nationalism and I kept explaining to her that that’s not nice stuff and she would come to regret it.”

“Two months before the knife attack I was at my desk with a classmate and we thought we’d tease Artemis a bit, so we wrote “Antifa” on her desk. She came to me next day asking me to erase it. We had an argument and she erased it herself. That same day when leaving school the perpetrator (‘A’) was around and I could tell she told him about this, so he told me that if I ever wrote anything like that again on his girlfriend’s desk, he would kill me. Let me point out that before telling me all this he had been sitting on a bench shouting Golden Dawn slogans. There was also another classmate of mine who had been arguing with Artemis about her ideology […] calling her “little fascist” and the like. One night, that classmate and Artemis met at a nearby public park for a chat, when ‘A’ came along – we all knew he was Golden Dawn. There were another four or five guys with him, all of them with shaved heads and dressed in black. They all pulled out knives and ‘A’ told him “We’ll kill you, you  damn anarchist.” My friend panicked but then appeared some passers-by with dogs, so the gang ran away and he was saved.”

“During that period, Artemis had been dressing in black with heavy boots, she had shaved off half her hair on the side, and kept drawing swastikas and meanders on her desk. From what I’ve heard, she’s since given up that behaviour.”

At another point the 17-year old described the threats he and his family have kept receiving even “on the street in front of our flat”.

Raid on the ‘Antipnoea’ anti-authority social space

They stopped stabbing when their leader said “End of time”

The case file on the hands of the two investigating judges includes crucial witness statements by victims of Golden Dawn stormtrooper battalions, as happened for instance in June 2008 at the ‘Antipnoea’ social space run by anti-authority groups, which was attacked by Golden Dawn members brandishing knives during a Spanish language lesson.

They severely wounded the tutor and attempted to kill one of the people present. According to every relevant testimony, they stopped stabbing with their knives when their leader shouted “End of time”.

It should be noted that two of the perpetrators were arrested at the time. They had initially been summoned to be tried in a ‘caught-in-the-act’ offences Court, but the charges where later converted to attempted murder resulting in a rescheduling of their trial for March 2014 at the Criminal Justice Court.

By Mary Benea

Translated from ‘Ethnos’ newspaper, 24/11/2013:


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