BNP’s Nick Griffin defends jailed leader of neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn

Mr Griffin admitted that he was isolated in his support of Nikolaos Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn leader who, with two other his party’s MPs, has been jailed and faces criminal charges


Last week, Mr Griffin was declared a bankrupt and launched himself on a new career as a video chef Photo: GETTY IMAGES

By Bruno Waterfield, and Menelaos Tzafalias in Athens

10:25PM GMT 10 Jan 2014

“I’m one of the few friends they have got,” he told the Telegraph at meeting on Friday night packed with Golden Dawn members, many of whom were wearing paramilitary style uniforms.

“They’re not perfect but that is none of our business. The level of repression directed at Golden Dawn is outrageous. It is an affront to democracy not just in Greece but throughout Europe. It is a very dangerous precedent.”

Greek state prosecutors have unearthed a incriminating photos and videos on personal computers and mobile phones showing Golden Dawn members making Nazi salutes and brandishing guns.

The party’s leadership has also been charged with involvement and participation in a criminal organisation after the murder of Left-wing rapper by a Golden dawn supporter last September.

The BNP leader and MEP, who has a masters degree in law from Cambridge, has prepared a legal challenge at the European Court of Human Rights in a bid to defend Golden Dawn from “liberal, totalitarian repression”.

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