Golden Dawner stopped vehicle to check driver’s nationality

Golden Dawn material found in his house


Yesterday, 8  January, a 39 year-old Greek national was arrested at Magnesia region by district police officers on charges of illicit violence and arms-related offences.

More specifically, as the police inquiry alleged, in the early morning of Tuesday, the man arrested had forced the driver of a passing vehicle to bring his car to a stop in the country-side road of Volos-Zagora. Another passenger was in the car as well.

In turn, the perpetrator, who was wearing a jumper with “Golden Dawn” logo on, asked the driver whether he is Greek or a foreigner and when the latter said he is Greek he was permitted to get back on his way.

During the search that was conducted at his residence and in the presence of a Court official the following was found and confiscated:

-Four black “Golden Dawn” T-Shirts.

-Three  bayonents

– one sword

– one machete

– one hatchet

– one knife

– four digital disks (DVD) containing Golden Dawn material

– printed material as well as newspaper cut outs on Golden Dawn activities

The person arrested will be taken to the Prosecutor of Misdemeanourof Volos, while the directorate of security of Volos is conducting questioning.

Article translated from ‘To Vima’ newspaper, 9 January 2014. Available online at:


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