Golden Dawn: Nazi indoctrination (even) to their own children!



A new series of pictures were recovered by the personal computers of accused members in which the organization is revealed as a nazi gang with a military structure.


Patelis (in the middle) giving the nazi salute together with other members of Golden Dawn local group of Nikaia

The military structure of GoldenDawn is confirmed by new police findings which are added to the already voluminous case against MP’s and members of the organization who already are confronted with the courts of justice.

The new material is chilling, not only because it shows Nikaia’s Golden Dawn group members taking selfies while posing with weapons even on their beds, but also because young kids imitate their fathers and salute in a nazi way. […]


A goldendawner that participated in the nationalist camp at Neda posing with a rifle that resembles an AK47

The new evidence emerging from searching the computers and cell phones of the members of the parliament Nikos Michos and Ilias Panayiotaros, as well as those of cell leaders in Nikaia Giorgos Patelis and Yiannis Kazantzoglou,  proves beyond any doubt the close relationship between the murderer of Pavlos Fyssas and the organization. These pictures come to form part of a long list of evidence that tie Yiorgos Roupakias to the organization, despite the attempts of the latter to convince of the opposite. In one picture Roupakias is together with Panayiotaros. Partly the accusation is of Roupakias responding to an order by the cell leader Patelis to ‘hit’ and thus forming an armed group with others with the purpose of going to the cafe in Amphiali where Pavlos Fyssas was. They were acting in concert and as a storm troop of the organization. The new photographic material comes to reinforce existing leads that support the claim that groups of the kind exist within Golden Dawn, groups undergoing systematic training and are ready to intervene as it seems it happened in the case of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas as well as in many other cases. […]


Goldendawner posing holding a sword and wearing a full face mask, just a bit after Golden Dawn’s parade for the 28th of October in Nikaia last year.

Thousands of findings

Massive volumes of material is being recovered by Patelis’ computer. According to police sources, the computer used by Patelis and his wife was found to have 13.928 photos and 868 video files. They appear to have tried to erase 137 ‘hot’ photos by the police recovered their digital trace. In a recovered photostream members of Golden Dawn pose with guns in their beds, like in the picture with the young lady or to play around with weapons while drinking and eating.


Golden Dawn members do not let their guns go even when they are in the bedroom


In another photostream Golden Dawn groups appear in the organizations’ events. They are in line like any military group, dressed identically with the well-known black T-shirt and army trousers. In many pictures, especially those from Thermopyles, the leader N. Michaloliakos appears to give Nazi salutes. There are videos of members fully equipped with helmets and sticks. Most of these are pictures of the hyper-active Nikaia Golden Dawn cell which is leaded by Patelis, who was recognized by the organization and put to work as security employe at the central party offices on Mesogion st. Michaloliakos had claimed he did not know him.


The texts

In the computers searched there were texts whose content is knot yet known. In what regards the two members of the parliament Michos and Panayiotaros, the crime labs have examined their cell phones recording their incoming and outgoing calls and texts the content of which is subject to scrutiny by the attorneys.

Translated from ‘TA NEA’ newspaper

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