German neonazis attend Golden Dawn demonstration for Imia

The German press speaks of relations between Golden Dawn and neo-nazi organizations from the south of Germany, while it is noted that a delegation of fascist organizations participated in the Golden Dawn demonstration on the anniversary of the Imia crisis.


As ‘De Zeit’ indicates in an article by the title ‘Neonazis from the south support nazi demonstration in Greece’, dozens members of fascist groups attended last Saturday GD’s demonstration.

Simultaneously, according to the article, the German neonazis also visited the German Cemetery in Dionysos – Rapentozis and paid tribute to the German soldiers who were buried there.

At the same time, it is surprising – according to the article – that the active participation of German neonazis is no news since it appears that they have long-established links with the Greek neonazi party and its leadership.

“Despite the fact that Greek neonazis are not particularly friendly toward the German neonazis, due to the past of the German occupation, this particular German neonazi formation is attentive to the activity of Golden Dawn and has organized actions in support of it, in the context of forming a network of global links with ideologically adjacent organizations”, ‘De Zeit’ concludes.

‘Frankfurter Allgemeine’, at the same time, reports on its cover-page on GD’s plan to found a new organization under the name ‘National Dawn’ in case the courts resolve that the fascist party is actually a criminal organization.

“Regardless of the name, the party has a good chance in the European Parliament elections in May – which in Greece are followed by regional elections – to send what is the third biggest parliamentary force to Strasbourg as well as to several local authorities offices”, the reporter notes.

Further, the article underlines the fact that the case for banning Golden Dawn has become more complex after the recent murder of two of its members given that “while it appeared that support for right-wing extremists was falling after the murder of rapper, P. Fyssas, after the double murder the support started increasing again, just like unemployment does’.

[Article translated from ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper, 3 February 2014. Available online at:].


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