“We are not Nazis!”


By IOS GROUP: Tasos Kostopoulos, Anta Psarra, DimitrisPsarras



Group Nazi salute at a gathering of the organization

Of particular interest was the reaction of Golden Dawn to the photographic revelations. […] Without disputing any of the photos, the organization, in its unsigned announcement further claimed that “these photographs, had been in their possession since September of 2013 and they chose to release them today, in June of 2014”. Thus, up to this point, the only thing they chose to respond to with these revelations, was the fact that the photographs are old, implying that, since Michaloliakos and Pappas posed with swastikas, their Nazi beliefs have changed. Of course the organization avoided commenting on the three very recent photographs, in which Pappas was shown giving the Nazi salute over Mussolini’s grave and a group of Golden Dawn members, led by Kassidiaris, holding the flag of the Nazi Wehrmacht, during a night vigil held by the organization in December of 2012.

After quite a few hours, Ilias Kassidiaris made an appearance, claiming that the aforementioned photograph was indeed taken after a nocturnal activity by one of the organization’s cells during the winter solstice (21/12) of 2012, but that it had undergone editing, because in the original photo the flag was not Wehrmacht’s with the swastika, but a red one with the Celtic cross! […]

The allegations regarding photographic manipulation are, of course, laughable. For the skeptical, there is a relevant announcement by the lawyers that have participated in the civil lawsuit in the trial against Golden Dawn. According to said announcement, the original photo is included within the case file, in a hard drive of a member of the organization, and it is this photo that “Ef.Syn” published. Furthermore, the civil suit’s lawyers fling down the gauntlet: “What will Kasidiaris say to the court when he is shown the photograph as it is included in the case file? Will he claim that it was manipulated by a member of Golden Dawn that kept it in his computer? And if so, why? Kasidiaris, with yesterday’s show, has secured another charge, this time for forgery, which will be triumphantly proven at the hearing of the trial.”


Pappas reaching extreme nazi fanaticism. He even teaches his child to give the nazi salute and wear the swastika together with the rest of the family. He wears a nazi fez (tn: actually this “fez” was part of the uniform of the13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar). He also sends postcards with the swastika saying “Heil Hitler”.

With the documents we make public today we present a short answer to the argument regarding thirty year old photos. We present much more recent photographs of Christos Pappas, in which the old second in command of the organization appears, even today, as a Nazi zealot.


He not only wears the swastika himself and gives the Nazi salute, but he also teaches his children to do the same. He makes every effort to display his Nazi beliefs. He even wears the Nazi “fez”, while in the greeting cards written by the Pappas couple, under the swastika we read the following:

“Dear friends and comrades, We wish you a healthy and powerful 2007 (118 A.H.), a year, which will bring us closer to the World of our dreams and struggle. White 2007! HeilHitler.» Even the date (118) is consistent with the calendar kept by fanatical Nazis, which starts with the birthday of Adolf Hitler (1889).

But in all of Golden Dawn’s recent events the swastika is present, as can be proven by the scene at the Thermopylae rally.

As for the adoption of the Nazi salute, we believe that the mass display that we present in the first page of “Ios”, is pretty convincing.


But let us return to the core of the original question. To what end do the members of Golden Dawn attempt, with such conviction, to do away with the characterization of “national socialist” or, at least, to distance it from today? How could we interpret the ease with which the leading members of the organization denied their world view, one after the other, following their pleas in the last September? Furthermore, how can we explain even Kasidiaris’ distress at renouncing the swastika and replacing it with the Celtic cross? It’s as if he isn’t the same person, with the swastika tattooed to his arm.



Golden Dawn phalanx receiving orders by Kasidiaris dressed in a suit.

Of course, a world view is not reason enough for someone to move on to actual crimes. For this reason, we present today a series of photographs which prove the military structure of the organization. These photos show the formation of a Battalion of the organization in the square of Nikea. In the first photos, Kasidiaris , wearing a suit, is shown giving the first instructions. Afterwords, the Battalion is composed into a phalanx, with clubs, shields and helmets. Kasidiaris, then returns wearing an “operations” outfit. In the final photograph the Chief is shown amidst “fellow fighters” in full readiness for “political” action.



The phalanx equipment with clubs (supposed to be flags). Faces covered with hoodies and helmets.

But the Celtic cross is nothing more than a disguised swastika in the hands of modern European Neonazis. One may ascertain this from every relevant essay. “The Celtic cross is the symbolic substitute for the forbidden swastika”, writes Margitta-SybilleFahr in a relevant official manual of the German state. And of course this was the symbol used in Germany by the Neonazi organization Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands, which was active during the ‘70s and the beginning of the ‘80s, when it was banned (24.1.1982) as an anti-constitutional organization. Based on the same verdict, the use of the Celtic cross as a political symbol was also banned.


The Leader amongst stormtroopers


Document for the new members

Golden Dawn officially denies the Nazi articles of association, which “Ef.Syn” has published, claiming that its first and only article of association was composed following the 2012 elections. As a result, despite the myriad relevant evidence, it denies the existence of “welcoming cells” that the original articles of association called for. We reveal today the questions that the candidate members were called upon to answer during the so-called “Welcoming Cells Theoretical Exercise”.

As you will see, it constitutes yet another piece of evidence proving the Nazi nature of the organization, but it also includes an indirect acknowledgement of its mode of action.


The questions follow:

* What is the number one enemy of Hellenism?

Α) Turkey, Β) Albania, C) Israel, D) USA, Ε) Jews

* Select the order of preference for the Movement’s periodicals:

Α) Free World, Β) Golden Dawn newspaper, C) Golden Dawn magazine, D) Counterattack , Ε) Slogan.

* For which sector do you believe you would be more valuable?

Α) Political action, Β) Speeches, C) Prints – authoring, D) Organization – desk jobs.

* Which act do you consider as the worst ethical offence?

Α) Drug dealing, Β) Pedophilia, C) Racial mixing (marriage between a white woman & a black man)

* What is the prime cause for the decline of our Homeland?

Α) Indifference on the part of the Greeks, Β) The Hebrew problem, C) Illegal immigrants, D) Vicarious governments.

* List your 3 favorite books regarding our ideology.

* List the 3 top personalities of Greek and European history in order of preference

* Where do the Albanians belong racially?

Α) White nations, Β) Non white nations, C) They are a mixed race nation

* Nationalism is:

Α) Love of one’s country, Β) A political ideology, C) A way of life.

* List your 5 favorite pastimes.

* Which of the two military governments of our century (Metaxas – Papadopoulos) [tn: dictators] contributed more to Greece and why?

* A passing car crashes on a parked car and then leaves. How do you react?

Α) You note the plate number of the first car and leave a note on the windshield of the parked car saying “The plate number of the car that hit yours is” Β) You pay no attention and leave C) Other.

* While you are involved in political activities (spray painting slogans on a public building) you realize that a police vehicle is approaching you at speed with the siren and alarm lights on. Howdoyoureact?

Α) You remain at the scene with the intention of negotiating Β) You run away C) You pretend you had nothing to do with it D) Other

* You are leaving for the rally of the 31st of January. At your home’s entrance you meet on of your parents, who asks where you are going. Your reply is:

Α) For a coffee with friends Β) At Golden Dawn’s rally for Imia C) At a national memorial service, which all Greek patriots should attend. Youcancomewithme, too. D) Other

* Acquaintances from the neighborhood let you know that they have problems with Albanians and they ask for your help along with other guys from the offices. What do youdo?

Α) You tell them to deal with their own problems themselves, we are not bouncers Β) You discreetly ask one of your instructors to come to your neighborhood along with a team of fellow fighters in order to solve the problem C) You gather a team of fellow fighters with which you are more closely related and take action without letting a superior know D) Other.

* I wish to become a member of Golden Dawn and to participate in its Struggle:

Α) For the salvation of the Homeland, Β) Because my values and ideology command so C) Because I want to D) Other.


Translated from Ef.Syn. newspaper. Online:

tn: credit goes to bloger Abravanel for pointing out that Pappas’s ‘fez’ was actually the hat worn by the 13th Waffen SS Mountain Division


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