Two Policemen suspended, charged with battery of an Afghani national

Petros Stefanis

greek police

A 49-year old senior police officer and a 25-year old officer serving in Attica, as well as two individuals, 46 and 36 years old respectively, were arrested by the Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Hellenic Police on suspicion of committing crimes against a 30-year old Afghani national.

According to the police, the day before yesterday the two policemen along with the 36-year old individual arrived at the 46-year old individual’s business premises where the Afghani has been working since 2010 and living in a makeshift slum given out to him by his boss.

On the premises the 49-year old senior officer assaulted the Afghani and caused damages to his properties, in the presence of the 25-year old officer and the 36-year old individual.

The senior officer had similar behaviour two weeks before, when they visited the premises with his colleague. He verbally abused and threatened the non-national.

As it turned out, the senior officer and the 36-year old individual knew the entrepreneur and were acting on his behalf in order to force the Afghani to abandon his job, without being given what he was owed in wages (23.900 euros).

In both cases, the police officers failed to notify the operations centre of their visit to the premises.

The arrested are being taken to the Prosecutor for minor crimes. They are facing charges of illegal violence, causing unprovoked bodily injuries, vandalizing property, assisting those crimes, dereliction of duty and of the law about foreigners.

Upon decision by the Chief of the Hellenic Police the two officers were removed from service, while an order was issued for a sworn administrative inquiry to be conducted.

Article translated from ‘Ta Nea’ newspaper. Published 25/07/2014. Online here


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