Talking about the ‘Greek Crisis’ one directly thinks of the financial aspects and consequences of this situation as covered by international media. The same cannot be said about another ‘Crisis’ taking place, namely the rapid upsurge of racism and fascism. The increasing popularity that xenophobia, racial and religious intolerance and fascism enjoy among the Greek society and state have not been given adequate attention. At the same time, such circumstances put the life and integrity of marginal groups (immigrants, minorities, homosexuals) under increasing threat. I CAN’T RELAX IN GREECE is an independent blog with the purpose of updating the non-Greek audience about related incidents. Its main activity consists in translating news from mainstream Greek media into English. In addition to that, it aspires to develop into a kind of archive of relevant material; therefore it also collects and uploads relevant material from international media, videos, etc.

Email: icantrelaxingreece [at] gmail.com

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