Nightmarish helter-skelter by neonazi band ‘Pogrom’

“Speak Greek or die” are some of their most typical lyrics


Endless absurdity. Anti-comformist punk meets extreme conservatism in the songs of the nationalist band ‘Pogrom’, who share the views of Golden Dawn. “Our music is rock for the fatherland; we do not want any foreigners and parasites in our land”, are some of their lyrics in the song ‘Rock for the fatherland’. The video of the song ‘discovers’ Greek folklore in a nightmarish helter-skelter.

A former bass player of ‘Pogrom’ (indicating a systematic attack by a mob) is the current Golden Dawn MP Artemis Matthaiopoulos (Αρτέμης Ματθαιόπουλος).


Other songs of ‘Pogrom’ include “Speak Greek or Die”. Some of the lyrics say: “You come in our country, you do not own a job, you are starving and you eat our children. You speak Russian, you speak Albanian, but now you will speak Greek properly. Speak Greek or die.”

Another song by the title ‘Auschwitz’ goes like that: “F*ck Wiesenthal. F*ck Anna Frank. F*ck the whole race of Abraham. The star of David makes me puke, oh Auschwitz I love you so much! Filthy Jews I will not let you go, in your Wall of Tears I will come and piss. Juden Raus! Getting burned in Auschwitz.”

It is obvious that fascism has already hatched out of its egg in the country. Neo-Nazi ideas started spreading at all levels of Greek society poisoning the Greek youth with the most toxic slogans.

[Translated article from ‘Vima’ newspaper, 29/10/2012, found online at:]


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