Trial postponed for Golden Dawn knife attack on squat in Petralona

One of the two defendants was a municipal candidate for the neo-Nazi party in the previous elections


The trial of two Golden Dawn members who are accused of participating in an assault against the “Antipnia” squat in Kato Petralona on the 30th of June 2008, during which one Greek and one Spanish man suffered knife wounds, has been postponed for the 19th of September 2014.

The two suspects, Vasilis Siatounis – a Golden Dawn candidate in Athens in the previous municipal elections – and Athanasios Stratos refused to enter the courthouse, out of fear of being assaulted by crowds of antifascist protesters. The atmosphere in the courthouse was tense, as protesters assaulted one of the two Golden Dawn members and accused the bench of being “especially sensitive” to the two defendants.

According to the case file, a group of about ten Golden Dawn members, including the two defendants, arrived at the “Antipnia” squat on motorcycles and carried out an assault during a Spanish lesson for children, causing damages to the building and attacking two bystanders with a  knife.

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