Oath to Betrayal

By Dimitris Psarras

‘Ef. Syn’ brings to light a series of photographic documents which certify the relation between Golden Dawn members and Nazism.

We have had enough of hearing the golden dawn denying strenuously any relation to Nazism and assuring at all times they are nothing but genuine Greek patriots, simply nationalists.

The same claim was made in September by Mihaloliakos and his collaborators, while, Golden Dawn MPs’ repeat time and again that any reference to nazism is part of the conspiracy of the ‘system’ against them.

Today we bring to light a series of photographic documents, which cannot be disputed and which certify the fact that not only their rebuttals don’t hold water but that they have purposefully attempted to mislead public opinion and the course of justice.

golden dawn nazis

In the first few photos we see Mihaloliakos posing alone and along with Pappas, both giving a nazi salute. Indeed, they are not content with the salute alone but they have seen to wear the nazi uniform and the swastika armbands (ph. 1, 2, 3).

In another photo Mihaloliakos is portrayed on the podium at the organization’s premises. The detail matters here too. The organization’s symbol has already been permutated from the swastika to the wolfsangel, the rune used by SS battalions responsible for the atrocities in Kleisoura and Distomo.

Other photos depict the swastika with Hitler’s eagle on the podium, three icons of hitler himself, one of them portraying Hitler…crowned.

There are other scenes where Pappas poses similar to Antonis Androutsopoulos (Periandros) on mountain tops but also at the organization’s offices (ph. 5, 6). In one of these, the two golden dawn members are holding the flag of Nazi Wermacht, the army that occupied Greece. This is not simply a statement of their nazi beliefs but a provocative display of their collaborationist mind set.

In other photos Pappas appeears to salute in front of Hitler’s icon (ph. 7), to address himself from the podium with the the SS skull and crossbones symbol (ph. 8) and to stand in front of the poster – tribute to the death of Rudolf Hess (ph 9).

Pappas’ pose while saluting (again wearing a uniform, armband and the swastika) in front of the German soldiers in Dionysos is also chilling (ph. 10). It was there that the organization used to hold a night long ceremony every year on April 20, to pay tribute to Hitler’s birthday.

We are familiar with the counter-argument. These are, Mihaloliakos and the leadership of the nazi gang would say, youth aberrations. Unfortunately – for them – there is answer to this as well. Those brought to justice have memorabilia of more recent nazi provocations too.

In two of them Pappas appears to pay fascist tribute to the crypt where Moussolini is buried in Rome. These photos have been shot at different times, a sign that the ‘tribute visit’ was a kind of obligation of Hitler and Moussolini fans (ph. 11, 12).

golden dawn requiem for fallen Nazis

In the last picture there is a team of goldendawners shot on 21.12.2012, at the dawn of the winter solstice during which new members took the oath following the organization’s ritual. Ilias Kasidiaris is leading the group (in the middle sitting), while the flag is again that of the occuption army. An oath to betrayal.

In a statement golden dawn issued, they talk about ‘collaborators, slaves of the 4th Reich that combats them with…30 years old pictures’ […] and resell the theory that it is this is all about their crazy youth and that it does not rfer to their attachment to the 3rd reich and Hitler himself.

Translated from ‘Efimerida ton Syntakton’ newspaper, 23/06/2014. Online:


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