Golden Dawn Storm Troops in Kypseli and Ag. Panteleimonas

 By Yiannis Souliotis

34-year old N.P., arrested last Wednesday for the arson of a bar named “Quantro” in Lemesos st.  which  belonngs to a foreign national, testifies to the police about his involvement in storm troops that operate in Kypseli and Ag. Panteleimonas under the coverage of of Golden Dawn. He testified to the Athens security subdivision that since September 2012 himself and 30 other individuals had formed a committee whose purpose was the “policing” of Kypseli.

“We have split into groups of five and carry out patrols between 7 in the evening and 4 in the morning”, he characteristically stated. He also claimed that they formed these groups after their failure to bring about the closure of commercial stores in the area that belong to foreign nationals. He named indeed three shops, Quantro bar in Lemesos st. (firebombed on Tuesday night), as well as the bars Africana in Niovis st., and Africa in Stauropoulou st.


 According to sources of “K”, the attack against the offices of the Tanzanian community last September is directly linked to African bar which belongs to a woman, Ethiopian national. Following after the recent incident, a police source revealed that the Tanzanian community is a partner in “Africana” and that a few days before the “citizens” stormed the community’s premises, the same group had attacked the said bar in Niovis st.

 The 34-year old initially admitted to having been part of a patrolling group around Quantro bar on Monday night but he denied any involvement to the arson. He testified to having had his pit bull with him which he calls “Goldendawn”[“Chrysavgi” in Greek]. In his initial statement, N.P claimed that at the time at question (between 1.30am and 2.00am on tuesday night) he was at the flat of the 34-year old, G. P. also in custody, who stays at the building where Quantro bar is.


 “We had come upstairs to use the bathroom. We are not uncivilized to pee on the street”, he stated. In the course of the investigation, however, he admitted his involvement in the incident. In a second statement he claimed that he went on arsoning for the “general good”. He clarified that the attack had nothing to do with blackmail: “There is no question about economic motives or ‘protection’ for the specific store”. However, a qualified officer characterized the incidents as a “forefeast of blackmailing cases”, a view that is confirmed by residents who witnessed the incident and according to whom those who committed the arson were in touch with the bar owner from Kameroun and were frequently visiting his bar. According to some information, the detained individual was to be visited (before he admitted to his crimes) by Golden Dawn MP s, something that never actually happened. The two were charged and released, while their court date is set for the 30th May.

[Translated from ‘Kathimerini’ Newspaper, 21/05/13. Found online at:]


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